commenced in 2014 by Retail Ecomm Solutions with easy motto of democratizing jewelry. And today, after 9 superb years, it has turn out to be recognized as one in all the E-commerce portals in world. Steadily developing from energy to power seeing that inception. This takes us another jewelry reachable to everyone.


Costozon motto can be defined in the principles of Best Product, Best Price and Best Service.


We offer you superb value, by way of bringing you the best selection of high-quality fine jewellery directly from our factory. We remove the middlemen in our diamond sourcing. And come up with the exceptional diamond jewellery at actual discounted prices.


Costozon own a team that is pivotal in coming out with complicated designs and fascinating patterns. Our experts apprehend the preferences, choice buyer-concise of our India, USA, UK and different Europen markets. The wide range of our product exhibit will amplify our selection of diamond jewelry.


Costozon works on retail at wholesale prices. We buy raw material for our fine diamond jewellery directly from factory.


The world in your hand with your smart phone and search a click away, you can easily locate the right product and price inside the internet world.


Our jewelry use natural diamond and gemstones studded real solid gold, sterling silver. Our prices are lowest because we source raw material, and manufacture any product and have removed the middlemen. We offer a full 30-day money back 100% satisfaction warranty on each diamond jewelry. All diamond jewelry can be appraised by an IGL-certified gemologist for well over the cost you pay at our store. We stand behind everything we sell. costozon is the quintessential online diamond jewelry store that makes you look the woman you want at your wedding or any party. We giving you the best piece of wedding crown, bridal tiara, princess tiara, birthday crown and much more at high quality. costozon customers stand to save upto 40% when they compared to other marketplaces.


We have professional jewelry designer and craftsman. we specialize in handmade Indian jewelry and work with gold and silver. our jewelry design is mostly inspired by original Indian royal designs and culture. The production of our vintage jewelry collection is handmade. we work with our expert craftsmen to fulfill all orders. We create intensely detailed designs on gold and sterling silver entirely using hand tools latest machine. Studded and polishing are done precisely to meet the highest standards. You can count on us to provide you with the genuine fine gold and silver jewelry.


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